The Biggest Loser Recap: Keep on Truckin’!

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You could cut the tension with a knife on The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 2, starting with Dolvett's team dropping the ball.

Having lost its second weigh in in a row, the team put it all on the table, and their mentor listened as they aired their grievances.


In the end, they decided to start fresh, because in order to succeed in this house, they need to be a united front and think ahead.

If you watch The Biggest Loser online, you know it's 90 mental and half physical, to quote the late Yogi Berra. Now they're all in.

The renewed attitude served them well at the food truck challenge - which did not entail eating, but literally hauling food trucks.

The first team to drag three food trucks across the finish line 600 feet away would win a cooking course with chef Lorena Garcia.

Lorena would teach them how to cook and eat healthy, on and off the ranch. The losers ... would be stuck eating from food trucks.

Team Jen ended up victorious, but Team Dolvett won at life, showing their newfound teamwork, passion, drive and commitment.

Then came the new twist - the Last Chance Challenge.

Four teammates race on four rowing machines, 500 meters each; the first team to 2,000 meters wins a 2-pound edge at the weigh in.

In the end, Team Jen edged out Team Dolvett to win the Last Chance Challenge, leaving the latter with even more ground to cover.

It came down to the last two people, Luis from Team Jen and Richard from Team Dolvett, with Richard's nine pound loss getting it done.

Team Dolvett, it goes without saying, was thrilled.

With Hope and Luis below the yellow line, the votes were cast and Hope was the first member of Team Jen to be cut loose in 2016.

Here's to another exciting week next week!

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