Amy Duggar on Pregnancy Rumors: I'm Not Ready!

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Ever since Amy Duggar married Dillon King back in September, rumors about the "rebellious Duggar" being knocked up have seemed to surface about once a month.

Amy has avoided discussing the matter directly in recent weeks, preferring instead to offer her two cents on the ongoing Josh Duggar scandals.

Amy Duggar Head Shot

Over the weekend, however, Amy finally opened up on social media, sending fans a decidedly mixed message about her pregnancy situation.

First, Amy announced on Instagram that she was brainstorming baby names.

When some fans took that as an announcement that she's expecting, the former reality star cleared the air with a second post.

"Becoming a parent means being the one to get the spider out of the room and idk if I'm prepared to do that," Amy wrote on Instagram.

Clearly she was joking (When people call Amy "the rebellious Duggar," they really mean she's the Duggar with a sense of humor.), but it seems pretty clear that Amy would like to shut down the baby talk for the time being.

We're sure in typical Duggar fashion she'll eventually raise a small army, but it seems that for now, Amy is just enjoying being a new wife.

We'd say maybe she's planning to start a career at some point, but "rebellious" or not, the girl's still a Duggar.

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