Dan Bilzerian: Presidential Campaign Ad Features Boobs, More Boobs

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With all the hubbub surrounding Donald Trump's apparent hatred of Mexicans, you may have forgotten that there's another cartoonish gazillionaire who's hoping to turn the White House into the ultimate man cave.

Yes, Dan Bilzerian is running for president. Fortunately, unlike Trump, the Instagram playboy/professional bro (brofessional?) doesn't expect to be taken seriously. We think.

Hell, even if he does, at least his idiocy is limited to throwing porn stars off his roof, and not branding an entire nation as a roving gang of thieves and rapists.

Either way, Blitz will always have a place in our hearts for producing campaign ads like this:

And, of course, this:

Dan Bilzerian Campaign Poster

Hopefully it goes without saying that the first ad is NSFW. The second one should be fine. If you can't look at a machine gun-mounted tortoises at work, you need to get a new job.

So does Bilzerian stand a chance of getting elected?

No. But you've got to admit the man knows the way to America's heart - boobs and more boobs

How else can you explain the continued popularity of Trump? Ha!

Hopefully, once primary season is in full swing voters will be able to distinguish between the kind of boobs that bounce in an appealing fashion and the kind that rock comb-overs.

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