Jill & Jessa Duggar: Exploiting Anna Duggar For Ratings?!

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This Sunday's all-new episode of TLC's Jill & Jessa: Counting On will feature a moment that many who have been fascinated by the downfall of the Duggar family have been waiting for for months.

Anna Duggar will finally speak out on Josh Duggar's many sexual indiscretions and reveal the reasoning behind her decision to stay with her philandering husband - at least as far as we know.

TLC has already offered up a preview of the long-awaited interview (above).

Of course, Counting On is part of the Duggars' campaign to rebuild their reputation and return to television on a permanent basis. (Jill and Jessa's series is a limited three-week "event.")

Anna's candid discussion is sure to bring in major ratings for the family's latest TV venture, which has been controversial as it is.

Some have questioned Jill and Jessa's motives in deciding to feature their sister-in-law on a series that's supposed to be about their lives as newlyweds.

In a recent interview with Radar Online, Dillon King - the husband and Jill and Jessa's cousin Amy Duggar - revealed that he believes the Duggars are "using" Anna in order to score.

“It looks like they are using all the emotion for ratings,” King told the website in defense of the long-suffering Anna. “It’s just not right.”

Obviously, the fact that Anna's first comments on the scandal would translate to a major ratings bonanza had to have crossed the minds of Jill and Jessa's producers.

The question of whether or not this amounts to exploitation is a complicated one, however.

Hey, after all Josh Duggar has done to his family, aren't they entitled to use his misdeeds as a means of rebuilding their careers?

Or, as some observers have posited, is Anna using reality TV to bank some quick cash and make a long-awaited break from Josh?

Probably not, but that would be the best double-cross ever.

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