Dan Bilzerian: Shady Business Dealings Exposed?

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The most important thing you need to know about Dan Bilzerian it's that the guy is constantly surrounded by gorgeous, scantily-clad women.

The second most important thing you need to know is that he's insanely rich. (Hence all the gorgeous, scantily-clad women.)

Dan Bilzerian: on a Boat!

Of course, Bilzerian lives a high-profile life thanks to wacky shenanigans like throwing porn stars off his roof and running for president, and with all that attention comes scrutiny.

Many of Bilzerian's 12 million Instagram followers have vocally wondered how the hell he got to be so wealthy, and the 34-year-old playboy has always responded that he earned his cash as a professional poker player.

If that explanation sounds like BS, well...that's because it probably is. The folks at Vice magazine did some digging, and it turns out the Bilzerian fortune may be built around criminal wheelings and dealings that started before Dan was even born:

“One other reason Dan Bilzerian has made so much money: He had a ton of it to begin with. And that money wasn’t exactly clean.

"Public records reveal that Dan Bilzerian has been a party to a byzantine network of corporations, companies, and other business formulations designed to protect the assets of his white-collar criminal father Paul Bilzerian from the government, and that the 34-year-old Instagram star has been a beneficiary of trusts established by his old man in the ’90s – at a time when dad owed tens of millions of dollars to the feds.”

So there you have it. Next time you're feeling jealous of Bilzerian's life of personal fireworks displays and mysterious STD drama, just remember: It's not your fault that you're not as successful. It's your parents' fault for not taking up lives of white collar crime.

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