The Real Housewives of New Jersey Salaries Revealed: Teresa Giudice Makes HOW MUCH?!

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There have been a lot of casting changes and rumors ahead of the seventh season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but here's what we know for sure so far:

Teresa Giudice will return following a one-year stint in prison.

Teresa Giudice: Telling It Like It Is

She'll be joined by Robyn Levy and Christina Flores (the Housewife franchise's first lesbian couple), as well as professional matchmaker Siggy Flicker.

Most importantly, everyone will make an insane amount of cash just for doing what they do best - acting like they're from Jersey.

Several sources are reporting that despite the addition of several newcomers, Teresa and Melissa Gorga will be the only full-time cast members in season 7.

The show will reportedly focus on Teresa's struggles to adjust to life after prison and Melissa's efforts to open a clothing boutique.

As they're now shouldering the ratings burden themselves, it's not surprising that both ladies are receiving big bucks for their efforts.

Insiders say Teresa will make $750,000 per episode, and Melissa will be doing alright for herself at $500,000.

No word on how much the new ladies will make, but based on what we've heard about Real Housewives of New Jersey salaries in the past, it's probably not an insane sum, but still enough to totally bum you out if you read about it at work.

Hey, at least Teresa will finally be able to pay back all those creditors! (But will she actually do it?)

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to get caught up in time for the expensive seventh season. 

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