Lindsay Lohan Without Makeup: Actually Lookin Good!

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Lindsay Lohan posts a lot of selfies, but they're usually just sad reminders that Lindsay sucks at Photoshop and is really insecure about her appearance.

Over the weekend, however, Lindsay posted a pic that reminded us of a time when she was just a freckly young actress with a bright future ahead of her.

Lindsay Lohan: No Makeup Selfie

Linds posted this poolside pic above while during 7,898 of the never-ending, globe-trotting vacation that she can somehow afford, and we have to say, she's looking pretty good!

Of course, Linds captioned the photo with a link to a page for Zimmer Ice Labs, which is a "cryotherapy" organization that's been letting her freeze the wrinkles away for free, so even at her most natural, Lindsay is getting a lot of work.

In any event, it's nice to see LiLo bare-faced and beautiful. We've seen Lindsay without makeup before, but the last time she was nude and looking a bit unhinged.

Lindsay's been up to her usual antics lately: running around naked at weddings, wearing fake engage rings to attract attention, threatening to run for president, and expressing her love for murderous Columbian drug lords on her Instagram page.

So it's refreshing to see her do something semi-normal (like a post a no-makeup selfie) and actually look happy and healthy while doing it.

It's not every day that Lindsay Lohan does something that fills you with hope. Enjoy it.

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