Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Are They Getting Back Together!?

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Though they broke up a long time ago, the world has been waiting for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to get back together.

Just a few weeks ago, Justin declared he loves Selena.  And we made the bold declaration that Justin and Selena will rekindle their relationship soon.

Justin Bieber in a Hooded Sweatshirt
Selena Gomez and Some Cleavage

And we are excited to report that day might be here sooner rather than later!!

In every interview about her new album “Revival,” Gomez talked about Justin.  Now, Justin can’t stop gushing about Selena.

On Monday, November 9, Justin sat down for an interview with Ellen Degeneres.   He mentioned that he is struggling to let go of his ex-girlfriend.

He didn’t dish a ton of detail, but he stated, “I remember when we used to watch this or I remember this smell. It reminds me of that time [with Gomez].”

During the interview, he even seemed a little depressed.  Repeatedly he turned to look back at a black-and-white photo of he and Selena.

The singer looked teary when Ellen inquired if a reunion with Selena could happen.

“I’m sure it could possibly happen,” Justin said.  He added they both need to “figure out who we are” and that  “we’ll make an awesome duo.”

It is evident Justin still deeply cares for Selena.  Not only is this the second interview in which he mentioned Selena, but he also admitted that he calls her here and there to make sure she is okay.

Even three of his newest songs are about Selena.  Ellen asked him which songs on “Purpose” were inspired by his romance with Selena.

He answered, “What Do You Mean,” Sorry,” and “Mark My Words.”

Though we hope they do get back together, we also think Selena should be careful.  Just last week, Justin mentioned in a separate interview that his relationship with his mother is falling apart.

Selena, stay away from boys with mommy issues.

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