Justin Bieber and Mom Pattie Mallette: Hardly Speaking! What Happened?!

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It's been a rough few weeks for Justin Bieber. At the rate he is going, he might embark on a Britney-esque meltdown soon.  

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Last week, Bieber stormed of the stage in Oslo in a fit after fans tried to help him wipe up spilled water. And in the same week, Bieber walked out of an awkward interview when the hosts asked if he dressed himself.

Life in the spotlight can be hard, but its even worse when life at home sucks too.

Unfortunately for Justin, his relationship with his mother, Pattie Mallette, is surprisingly distant.

During an interview for Billboard, Justin revealed that his relationship with his mother is crumbling. He stated that the once close knit bond with his mother is now “pretty nonexisting.”  

Sadly, Justin blames himself for the fractured relations between himself and the woman who raised and nurtured him, admitting:

“I was distant because I was ashamed."

"I never wanted my mom to be disappointed in me and I knew she was. We spent some time not talking, so it takes time to rebuild that trust.”

The 21-year-old celeb acknowledged that it will require effort to repair the relationship. However, with both emotional and physical distance between them, it won’t be easy. 

“She’s living in Hawaii now, so it’s hard, but getting better,” he explained.

Pattie helped Justin launch his career.

When he was a child, she encouraged Justin to pursue music.  And she even entered him in a talent contest where he met his manager, Scooter Braun.

Though their relationship is strained at the moment, Justin hasn’t forgotten his mother’s support.  “She’s an amazing woman and I love her,” he said.

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