James Harden to Khloe Kardashian: Get Over Lamar Odom or It's Over!!

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Khloe Kardashian may have found herself in a messy situation.  But such is life when you are married and have a boyfriend.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been romantically linked to basketball star James Harden.  The problem with that is she is still married to Lamar Odom.

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Khloe and Lamar have long been in the process of divorce. In the months before Lamar’s hospitalization, neither party would sign the divorce papers.

Then, when Khloe learned of Lamar’s overdose, Khloe called off the divorce, claiming she wants her estranged husband to first focus on recovery.

In the meantime, while Khloe is coddling Lamar, her boyfriend James Harden isn’t feeling it.

According to Radar Online, James has been giving Khloe, 31, mixed signals since she has been tending to Odom.

A source claimed, “James is distancing himself from Khloe, and he’s actually asked her for space.”

“He told her to come back when she knows exactly what she wants,” the source added.

Khloe feels she needs to be by her husband’s side until he recovers; however, it appears she also wants to be with Harden.

On November 8, Khloe and Harden were partying to together, and reports claimed that she is over Lamar. But in the wake of Lamar’s overdose, Harden can’t seem to deal with the fact that Khloe is still giving Lamar so much attention.

The source explained, “It’s a nightmare for her, because as much as she still has feelings for Lamar she’s still hugely attracted to James and doesn’t want to throw away the best thing she’s had in years.”

“It’s a lose-lose situation for her, she’s all over the map right now.”

Khloe has made honest attempts to see and support 26-year-old Harden.  Shortly after Odom’s overdose in a Nevada brothel, Khloe reportedly flew to Houston to watch Harden’s Rockets game.

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