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As you’ve probably heard Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their first child last week.

It was a difficult labor for Jessa, and though she had planned on a homebirth, she wound up being rushed to a nearby hospital. 

Jessa Duggar Baby Photo

Apparently, the experience left quite an impression on the new mom, as Jessa says she’s in no hurry to get pregnant again.

"We would love it if our next baby is adopted," Jessa told People magazine in a recent interview.

Jessa has spoken about adoption in the past, and she says she and Ben have always considered the possibility.

Arkansas law typically requires couples be married for two years beforehand, however, and Jessa and Ben just celebrated one year.

That’s halfway home, and after experiencing a number of issues during her first delivery, the 23-year-old likes the idea even more.

"When I was in labor, I told Ben, ‘Babe, we are not having any more kids after this,’" Jessa said.

"I was teasing – we will have more kids. But in that moment of pain, I believed it!"

Last night, Jessa and Ben announced that they’ve decided to name their firstborn Spurgeon Elliot Seewald

It’s great to hear that they’re breaking with family tradition and planning on adopting Spurgeon’s first sibling.

That being said, hopefully they’ll conduct some sort of online poll before choosing a name for their second kid.