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There were so many memorable celebrity Halloween costumes this year that you may have missed Charlotte McKinney’s.

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Or perhaps you saw it and just didn’t realize it was a Halloween costume, because she’s literally just wearing lingerie and a bow tie, but we’re gonna let this one slide, because…ya know, giant boobs and all.

Of course, lots of people put their half-naked bodies on display on Halloween. What sets Charlotte apart is that she makes the world a better place by flashing off different portions of her skin on a regular basis.

Generally, Charlotte’s boobs get all the attention, but we’d like you to take a moment to appreciate dat ass:

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That’s Ms. McKinney posing in British GQ, and apparently the UK men’s mag has decided to take up the skin mag mantle now that Playboy won’t be publishing nudes anymore.

Whatever their reason, we applaud them. We’ve seen Charlotte breasts on Instagram and we’ve watched her attempt to make ground beef sexy in Carl’s Jr. ads, but now she gets to show a little range by…taking her pants off near a Doberman Pinscher.

Okay, so other than the fact that she’s dating Scott Eastwood and probably has some lower back problems in her future, we don’t know much about Charlotte, but hopefully that’ll change.

Clearly, the girl has ambition, and we’re sure she’ll eventually branch out and work on a project that doesn’t involve devouring an artery-clogging grease bomb in sexy slow-motion. 

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