The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Recap: This Guy is a Filthy Piece of S--t!

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A week ago, The Real Housewives of Orange County stars came together and made generally nice on the first half of their Season 10 reunion.

On last night's The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 Episode 21, or part two of the reunion special, did the fit finally hit the shan?

There are certainly plenty of fireworks to look forward to when you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online. We'll just say that.

Among the topics on deck here in the second inning:

  • Is Jim Edmonds really as big of a d--k as he seems on TV?
  • Has Shannon Beador ever run into David's mistress?
  • Does Vicki Gunvalson know what a "circle jerk" is?
  • Did Brooks try to show Briana his d--k?!

We're sensing a certain theme with these people.

Rookie of the Year Meghan King Edmonds' marriage has been a hot topic this idea, but she revealed that she and former MLB star Jim have a prenup.

That, she says, was entirely her idea.

Meghan didn't want Jim, or his children, to ever feel this was about money, or that she was somehow out to take something that was theirs.

Pretty big of young Megan, honestly.

Not so big? Jim snapping at her in condescending fashion more than once this season. "I wasn't really ready for TV to catch everything," Jim said.

Meghan defended her husband, and their relationship, which was strained by Jim's post-baseball broadcasting career and its major travel obligations.

She said she doesn't let him get away with treating her like this, and though some of what we saw were low points, on the whole it's "not our marriage."

We'll buy that ... we think.

Shannon Beador, meanwhile?

Her own marital troubles - her husband's affair, their estrangement, attempts at counseling and reconciliation - have played out regularly on camera.

She said she never would have thought she would be the kind of person to stay in a relationship after the other person cheated, but here she is.

For good reason. They're in a good place, she insists, and Shannon says she will do anything to keep her family together. Not that it's been easy.

The "other woman" is still in their social circles, apparently. "'David, look at her and compare, look what you got here,'" she said she told him once.

Finally, after so long defending her relationship with Brooks Ayers, Vicki Gunvalson seemed resigned to letting people think whatever they want.

With Brooks threatening to sue Vicki, she wasn't about to sell him out - if she even wanted to - but her tone was more somber than we're used to.

As for why they broke up?

Vicki did not say she thought Ayers was faking cancer or not faking cancer, but admitted daughter Briana Culberson's disapproval was a big factor.

Culberson then joined the reunion party to recall the story of how Brooks hit on Briana at Gunvalson's birthday party, back when Culberson was pregnant.

Ayers, allegedly, offered to show Culberson his penis, saying he was nicknamed "Girth Brooks." (This first came up on the reunion two years ago.)

Brooks, for his part, appeared in a separate interview with host Andy Cohen and accused Briana of manipulating - and mooching from - her mom.

"This guy is a filthy piece of s--t," Culberson responded after watching that footage, and we have a feeling next week's part three will be AAB, ATT.

All About Brooks, All The Time.

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