The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Gets Ugly as Briana, Brooks Argue Over Abuse

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Part three of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special took a serious and nasty turn last night when Briana accused Brooks of abuse.

Early and often in the final installment of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, the conversation turned to Vicki Gunvalson's boyfriend.

That being Brooks Ayers, the man NO ONE seems to like.

For good reason, if what Vicki's daughter Briana said about him is true. Briana and husband Ryan, as fans know, refuse to even be around him.

This has often made Vicki edgy, and has resulted in lingering tension - which finally boiled over last night when Briana UNLOADED on Brooks:

"He's done some things that are very shocking and extremely disrespectful. And he's proven himself to be somebody that I don't trust around my family."

Briana then urged her mom to "break the pattern" of being pushed around by men and says, "It should be a one-time thing. Cut the cord; bye."

When fellow cast member Heather Dubrow asked whether the "disrespect" is "physical," an edgy Vicki responded, "No it's never been physical."

Briana's facial expression says otherwise, which causes Vicki to raise her voice to insist, "It's never been physical. Never has he touched me. Ever."

Briana then called Brooks Ayers "creepy" and claimed that "He talked to me about his d**k size," at which point Vicki got up and stormed off the set.

She returned shortly afterward, along with Brooks.

Brooks apologized to Briana for carrying on a relationship with Vicki while she was still married, and admitted he said things he wished he could take back.

But Briana got heated and started dropping f-bombs on Brooks when he denied telling her husband to start hitting Briana "to get her to fall in line."

Briana added, astonishingly, that said conversation is recorded.

"Do you know I was physically abused as a child?" Brianna asks. "You tell my husband to start hitting me? I heard the recording probably a million times."

"I listened to that over and over, and over, and f***ing over."

Ayers' reputation does not exactly discredit her story.

The man has also been accused of threatening to beat Vicki Gunvalson (above) and plotting to KILL one of their business associates in the recent past.

Brooks said the abuse comments are taken "out of context" and Vicki left the stage again, along with Lydia McLaughlin, who walked off the set in tears.

Briana concludes, "I don't stand for abuse."

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