Tila Tequila Posts Photo of Infant Daughter Wearing Hitler Mustache

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Tila Tequila has a long history of saying and doing truly regrettable things on social media.

For some reason, these things often center around her bizarre fondness Adolf Hitler, aka History's Greatest Monster.

Tila Tequila: Baby Hitler Photo

Sadly, that photo is exactly what it appears to be: a close-up of Tila's daughter, Isabella, sporting a tiny Hitler 'stache.

Tila posted a photo explaining the image, and, as you might expect, only made things worse:

"Gasps!!! Isabella!!!!! What in the holy??? One day when you grow up, you're going to have to apologize for this picture, young lady!!! It will come back to haunt you! This way you'll know all the struggles your Mama has been through, but I remained strong!

"Just for you my #Princess!! I'm only posting this because #BabyHitler was trending on Twitter today! Lmao! Don't worry! I shall punish her for being a silly child who meant no harm to anyone! She gon learn today!!!"

We'll do our best to act as translators and try to explain what in the actual f-ck this psycho-mom was trying to say with this post.

As you may recall, Tila posted photos of herself in Nazi regalia a few years back. To make matters worse, the pics were accompanied by lengthy captions describing Tila's affection for the man responsible for the torture and murder of 6 million Jews.

Not surprisingly, her career (such as it was) never quite recovered, and Tila was kicked off of the UK's Celebrity Big Brother over the summer after producers caught wind of her batsh-t Hitler obsession.

Now, Tila - in her own moronic way - is trying to make a point about how she's been unfairly persecuted for her comments and the ways in which she "remained strong" in the face of her own overwhelming idiocy.

After all, being a parent is all about forcing your own dumb mistakes onto your kids so that they might suffer as you suffered. Oh, and Hitler. Don't forget about the Hitler.

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