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Kanye West says a lot of crazy stuff (see bottom of this post).

But if you take away some of the ramblings… and some of the comparisons to God… and talk of running for President in 2020… the rapper also says some pretty awesome stuff.

Kanye and Caitlyn

Case in point: Kanye’s reaction to Caitlyn Jenner becoming, well, Caitlyn Jenner.

If you’ll recall, Kim Kardashian has credited her husband with opening up her eyes when it comes to her step-father; with helping her accept Caitlyn for the woman she wants to be.

And now we have this:

Kanye recently sat down for an extensive interview with SHOW studio’s "In Camera" series. When asked how he felt about Jenner’s gender transition, West responded:

"I just feel so proud to be in a family that has so many people breaking ground for the generations to come…I feel proud… that I can be next to a wave of ‘this is who I am.’ And that is all I’m about."

West went on to illustrate his point of view by presenting a traffic analogy, theorizing that too many people are stuck in the gridlock of public opinion.

"To let your life be controlled by public opinion would be like asking to sit in traffic for the rest of your life," he said.

"Meaning, you want to turn this way, but there’s a car right here that says this… That’s public opinion….And Bruce just got off [at] the exit sign and drove as fast as he wanted."

We hesitate to say this, but did Kanye West just make perfect sense?!?

Don’t worry. We’ve collected the following series of quotes that prove this was the exception that proves the hilarious rule…