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Jason Biggs’ wife Jenny Mollen posted a photo of him naked and dropping trou on Instagram, only to reveal more than the couple intended.

Later, she decided to "sack" the photo … if you follow:

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The Biggs family jewels were exposed when Mollen took a selfie of herself in the mirror, her husband nude and squatting on the pot behind her.

It looks pretty clear – especially knowing this couple’s sense of humor – that this was planned out for their enjoyment – and ours on social media.

Jenny, 36, captioned the picture, "Is this a cute sweater?"

It totes is. Jason clearly agrees from the look on his face.

Perhaps they didn’t mean to go balls to the wall, though. Jenny deleted the post from her Instagram after people remarked on Jason’s testicles.

If there’s a silver lining in all this? Over the years, Jason Biggs’ Twitter has had content on it far more offensive than an accidental X-rated picture: