13 Best (Worst) Jason Biggs Tweets

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Jason Biggs Tweets take the cake for most inappropriate ... or most noteworthy. Read a bunch here.

1. You Know I Put My ...

You Know I Put My ...
He knows who he is at least.

2. Ann Romney's What?

Ann Romney's What?
Yeah, this happened during the 2012 Republican National Convention.

3. No, That's Not Normal

No, That's Not Normal
But we are intrigued ...

4. Rihanna, Did You Forget ...

Rihanna, Did You Forget ...
It's a valid question.

5. Big Bachelor Fan

Big Bachelor Fan
Jason Biggs live Tweeting The Bachelor may be offensive, but it's never boring.

6. Juan Pablo Is Gonna ...

Juan Pablo Is Gonna ...
He basically called this, you gotta admit.

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