Bill Murray: Dating 39-Year-Old Singer Jenny Lewis?!

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You may know Jenny Lewis as the former child star who went on to become the lead singer for beloved indie-rock outfit Rilo Kiley and release a couple of critically-adored solo albums after the band members went their separate ways.

You almost certainly know Bill Murray as a living comedy legend and the internet's second favorite thing behind porn. They're both pretty awesome - but are they awesome as a couple?

Bill Murray, Jenny Lewis Photo

Yes, according to Page Six, Murray and Lewis are an item. We imagine she gave him a similar look later in the evening.

Anyway, a source says that Murray calls Jenny his "special friend," which is Hollywood code for "woman I'm sleeping with who's more than a couple decades my junior."

A rep for Lewis declined to comment (always a dead giveaway that some boots-knockin' is going down), but the songstress reportedly stuck close to Bill's side throughout a recent premiere party for his new film Rock the Kasbah.

The totally-not-a-couple couple was later spotted together in the lobby of the Huntting Inn in East Hampton.

Yes, life is good when you're Bill Murray.

Not only can you break the Internet just by dancing to "Turn Down For What," you also get to sleep with hot redheaded hipsters well into your AARP years. 

We might have been selling the man short when we called him a living legend.

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