Lark Voorhies Divorces Sketchy Husband Jimmy Green

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Back in April, Lark Voorhies married Jimmy Green in a quickie ceremony at a Vegas chapel.

Almost immediately, information about Green began to emerge that left Voorhies friends and family more than a little concerned.

Lark Voorhies, Jimmy Green Photo

First we learned that Green was wanted by police for a bizarre, violent incident that had taken place several years prior.

Shortly thereafter, Lark's mother claimed that Green was a homeless gang member who basically got together with Lark so that he'd have a place to stay. 

Now, TMZ is reporting that Lark has finally filed for divorce, but remarkably, it might have been Green's decision to end the marriage.

Green tells the website that Lark was the one to file because he couldn't figure out how (?!) so she did it at his request.

He continues to deny that he's homeless (though he admits to being in a gang) and says the marriage would've worked were it not for Lark's meddling mom.

The important thing is, Lark has removed herself from a volatile and potentially dangerous situation.

As a bonus, it looks as though Green will not be receiving any spousal support. Although sadly, those closest to Lark say her Saved By the Bell money dried up long ago, anyway.

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