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Kendra Wilkinson is taking shots at Holly Madison again, this time via her reality show Kendra on Top, and man alive, K-Dubs does not mince words.

Kendra n' Holly

If you watch Kendra on Top online, you know WIlkinson has been milking her marital problems with Hank Baskett like her personal cash cow.

Perhaps realizing that even the most productive of cows have their limits as far as being milked, she’s pivoting somewhat on Friday’s show.

Taking a brief hiatus from talking about how horny she is and putting Hank through the wringer, she rekindles her feud with Holly Madison.

For pretty much no reason at all.

Regarding the infamous Holly Madison book, Kendra says, “She writes [it] putting rumors out there about me all over the Internet and stuff.

“It’s just absurd. Seven years later and this b-tch is still talking about some s–t that happened while I was f–king 18, 19 and 20.”

Madison slams Wilkinson as fakest person ever in Down the Rabbit Hole, but Kendra counters that Holly is vengeful and delusional.

How can Madison get inside her mind and read her intentions, when then weren’t friends, just co-inhabitants who “f–ked the same guy.”

It’s a fair argument, albeit crude.

She and her friend incoherently debate Holly’s “true” motives for this anti-Playboy memoir chock full of tales of sick Hugh Hefner orgies.

“If she thinks I’m fake, then great … it’s not like we were friends,” Kendra reiterates, noting that it’s so unfair she has to go through this.

So unfair. So, so unfair.