Justin Bieber vs. One Direction: Who Will You Choose?!?

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It is about to be totally on between Justin Bieber and One Direction.

On November 13, both the solo artist and the attractive quartet will release wildly-anticipated new albums, forcing fans of hot young singers to choose between records.

And the Winner is?

It is about to be on! Justin Bieber and One Direction will both drop new albums on November 13. You can only choose one. Whose will you purchase first? View Poll ยป

In one corner, there's the Justin Bieber comeback CD.

Bieber spent more of 2014 acting like a pretty big douchebag, driving really quickly; hurling eggs at neighbors; peeing in restaurant buckets; and generally acting like the king of the world.

He has spent the past few months trying to make amends via shirtless underwear photos and acts of pretty awesome kindness.

In the other corner, there's Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.

Their upcoming album, titled "Made in the A.M.," will not only be their first studio release without Zayn Malik; it will also be their last studio release before they take a lengthy hiatus.

Heck, it may be their last studio release ever if the greatest fears of millions of fans are realized.

So the stakes are pretty high here on both sides.

The abs are pretty chiseled. The competition is about to begin. The only question that remains, the issue you must ponder and then vote on in the poll above in this:


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