Justin Bieber Underwear Alert! Justin Bieber Underwear Alert!

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Justin Bieber is clearly enjoying himself overseas at the moment.

The singer broke out an unexpected rendition of Baby during a recent stop in Berlin - and then he just went ahead and broke out his bangin body!

Justin Bieber Underwear Photo

“Glacier dip in #iceland,” Bieber captioned the sizzling snapshot above on Instagram, which (unsurprisingly) has over one million Likes.

In the photo, the singer is doing all he can to distract folks from his ugly new hair color, flaunting his numerous tattoos and muscular mid-section, not to mention his nearly see-through skivvies.

Bieber, of course, is a spokesman for Calvin Klein, having posed for a controversial campaign on behalf of the brand earlier this year.

At the time, critics were wondering whether Bieber stuffed his crotch, as the hashtag #BieberBulge" trended worldwide on Bieber.

So here's another chance to examine for yourselves, fans.

Sit back. Get up close to your computer screen. And take a very close look at Justin Bieber's private part region in the picture above, okay?

What do you think? Does he look all natural down there? We understand if you need a few hours of staring to really know for certain one way or the other.

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