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Rumors that Jessica Simpson was drunk during her recent appearance on the Home Shopping Network have been everywhere for the past couple weeks.

Frankly, it’s not hard to see why, as she totally seemed to be wasted on live TV.

Now, however, those who have studied pics Jessica’s latest appearances and selfies from her Instagram page say that the 34-year-old’s drinking problem might not be her only secret.

Yes, doctors who have spoken with Radar Online say that it’s their professional opinion that Jessica has gotten a boob job.

Jessica Simpson Cleavge Image

“Jessica has clearly had a significant breast augmentation,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Glatt, who – it should be noted – has never treated Jessica himself. “She has likely also had a breast lift."

Dr. Fred Pescatore seconds that opinion, but a much less professional, much Howard Stern-esque fashion.

“She looks ridiculous at this point — boobs on a stick!” says Pescatore, who better be a flawless physical specimen if he’s going around talking that kind of crap.

While she’s always been pleasantly top heavy, doctors say that with amount of weight Simpson has gained and lost over the years, it’s unlikely that her boobs would remain quite so perky without some sort of surgical assistance.

Interesting stuff, but frankly, we’re in the "whatever she’s doing, it’s working camp." Go under the knife all you need to, Jess. Just keep sharing those bikini pics on Instagram.