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Back in February, Caitlyn Jenner was involved in a car accident that claimed the life of 69-year-old Kim Howe, a neighbor of Jenner’s.

Caitlyn Jenner Selfie

As recently as last month, it was reported that Jenner could face jail time, as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had concluded in its investigation that Jenner’s criminal negligence may have played a role in Howe’s death.

The case was then passed along to DA, who was to determine if Caitlyn would face charges.

Fortunately for Jenner, TMZ is now reporting that the DA has decided Jenner is not to blame for Howe’s death, and will not be forced to stand trial.

The DA’s office says that while Jenner may have been "driving inattentively," she was not speeding, and she did apply her brakes – though not soon enough to prevent an accident.

Though Jenner’s delayed response was undeniably the cause of the accident, zoning out while driving is not illegal, and witnesses say the 65-year-old was not texting or looking at her phone at the time of the accident.

"A traffic accident, however devastating and heartbreaking when a life is lost, is not necessarily a criminal matter," reads a statement from Jenner’s attorney, Blair Berk.

That’s true, but hopefully, Caitlyn still learned something from all this and will start instructing her daughters not to take selfie videos while driving.