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Last week, footage that appeared to show Jessica Simpson drunk while co-hosting a segment on the Home Shopping Network made the rounds online.

Jessica likes to get hammered, and shilling for her fashion line for two hours on HSN is a pretty small potatoes gig at this point in her career, so no one would be shocked if she decided to have a drink or twelve to make the experience more enjoyable.

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But now, Simpson’s reps are firing back against rumors that she was sloshed on the air and claiming that’s just how Jessica is all the time.

Her team reportedly tells TMZ that "giggling and slurring is just part of her personality" and if you watch Jessica’s entire two-hour sales pitch, you’ll see that she’s totally sober.

It’s a clever move, as obviously no one is going to sit through 120 minuted of Jessica selling "sexy" gray jeans just to see if there’s a moment where she briefly appears to be sober.

Frankly, we think Jessica should just own it. When Johnny Depp gave a drunk speech at the Hollywood Film Awards, you didn’t see him making any excuses for it.

The dude was sh-tfaced, and we all had a good laugh and moved on. 

Jessica has two kids, an out-of-work husband and a billion dollar empire to worry about. If she wants to tie one on now and then, we say go ahead!

Unless those rumors about Jessica needing rehab are true, in which case, get it together, girl!