Holly Madison: I Dumped Hugh Hefner Because ...

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Holly Madison didn’t reveal every Playboy secret in her book.

The former Playboy centerfold and author is still dishing on Hugh Hefner and his magazine empire, and she's not pulling any punches. At all.

Holly and Hefner

In Down The Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny, Holly says Hefner was miserable in bed.

As fun as it might sound to read about Holly Madison orgies, she says the Mansion she called home was controlling and very depressing.

Hugh loved to play mind games with his girls, she says, creating false competition between them and leaving them feeling second-class.

Their relationship was such that when she finally tried to leave, she claimed, the mogul tried to buy her with $3 million as part of his will.

Madison, 35, said she found a copy of Hef’s will reflecting this.

“It was very clear to me that he’d left that out for me to see, because he was hoping it would change my mind and get me to stay,” she said.

“It just kinda disgusted me more than anything because all he can do is say, 'Oh, here, I’m gonna throw you some money to get you to stay.'"

"That just grossed me out.”

Despite his efforts to keep her there and the fame she achieved from the relationship, she decided that was the last straw. She was done.

“Hef and I started hitting kind of a rocky patch when it became clear that Bridget [Marquardt] and Kendra [Wilkinson] were leaving," she said.

"They were moving on to new things. I just had enough and realized all the delusions I’d been under and that this was no longer the life for me.”

Speaking of Kendra, Wilkinson has called her “disgusting,” for making these claims now, saying she's just desperate, bitter and vengeful.

K-Dubs also said on Kendra on Top this week that they were never friends, they just f--ked the same guy. Damn, that was some cold s--t.

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Holly Madison is a Playboy model and the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. As for Madison, she is best known for getting naked a lot and... More »
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We are no closer to getting married than we were years ago. It's like a car stalled at the side of the road.

Holly Madison [on Hugh Hefner]

I have no pull anymore. Hef and I aren't together.

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