Christine Ouzounian: Ben Affleck Seduced Me in the Shower!

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It's been two months since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their divorce, but the split continues to make tabloid headlines.

Part of the problem, of course, is Christine Ouzounian. The nanny-turned-mistress is still doing everything in her power to extend her 15 minutes of fame, and remarkably, it seems to be working.

First, Ouzonian wanted to be the next Bachelorette. Then she lowered her standards a bit and started fielding million-dollar porn offers.

Now, comes the inevitable attempt to cash in that we've been predicting from day one. Sources say Christine is shopping a tell-all memoir

But while the news of Christine's foray into the literary world isn't exactly surprising, some of the revelations in her book might be:

Christine Ouzounian Tabloid Cover

According to the new issue of Star magazine, Christine intends to reveal that Ben made his intentions perfectly clear the first time they hooked up - by joining her in the shower.

The tabloid claims that Ben made little effort to hide the affair, and Christine actually wanted Jen to find out!

“Christine did what she could to speed things along, flirting openly with Ben and even leaving evidence of the relationship where Jen would be sure to find it.

"Jen suspected something was going on almost from the very beginning. She would come in to a room and find Ben and Christine leaning in to each other and whispering. But, she tried to convince herself it was all in her head.”

As for the story about Ben and Christine getting caught having sex during a family vacation in the Bahamas?

Well, apparently they weren't busted in the act, as early reports indicated. Instead, Jen found a pregnancy test that Christine had left lying around and absolutely lost it.

The test was negative, but Jen still took it as the final clue that her husband was engaging in unprotected nanny-banging.

Well, we'll give props where they're deserved: Christine might actually be diabolical enough to make it in Hollywood.

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