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Clearly, Lindsay Lohan is finishing her summer off in style.

First, lovely Lindsay ran around a wedding naked. From there she boarded a yacht where she’s been living ever since.

Based on the video of Lindsay dancing on deck (that she removed as soon as she sobered up) we’d say she’s rather enjoying her life at sea.

Of course, we don’t have to guess that she’s having a good time. She told us as much in the caption for this weirdly blurry topless pic:

Lindsay Lohan: Topless on a Yacht

"I Would Like To Live On a Boat & travel the seas," Linds wrote. "’I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.’ Anaïs Nin"

Whoa. Anaïs Nin? Someone’s been taking a women’s studies course online!

We kid, of course. Lindsay probably just googled "mermaid quotes" and went with the first one she found.

According to her Instagram, Linds is off the coast of Antibes, a Mediterranean resort town in the South of France.

Whose boat is she on? How long will she be there? How the hell does she afford to live like this when she hasn’t worked since her brief stint in a London play that ended over a year ago (unless you count that car insurance commercial that aired like twice?)

All good questions. And all sad reminders that Lindsay Lohan is living an incredibly baller existence despite the fact that her entire adult life has consisted of one colossal f–k up after another.