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Earlier this week, Azealia Banks directed one of her signature Twitter tirades at Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and pretty much everyone else who took the stage at the VMAs.

It wasn’t as ambitious as the time she put the entire continent of Australia on blast, but it was still some Grade A s–t-talking.

Azealia Banks Comcert Image
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Not content to piss off Nicki’s rabid fanbase, Azealia decided yesterday to smack the Beyhive around like a piñata because apparently her life’s not complete unless she’s engaged in a social media feud with total strangers.

It all started when a Nicki fan asked, "Then why did Beyoncé get rid of your remix and let Nicki remix her songs???" 

Banks, lacking in chill as always, responded, "Because I haven’t been eating my skin bleaching tablets!!!!"

See, most celebrities casually throw shade on Twitter. Ms. Banks goes for the jugular.

It’s fine, we guess – when she picks an appropriate opponent. There’s a long history of competition in hip hop, but it’s one thing when Azealia goes after Iggy, and it’s quite another when she throws shots at the Queen.

For one thing, Beyonce’s not a rapper.

Sure, her husband could lyrically tear Banks apart, but 1. It’s unlikely that he’d waste his energy on such small fish, and 2. He’d keep it on wax, which is what rappers used to do before the advent of social media and the accompanying rise of bored, attention-seeking trolls like Azealia.

But instead of anticipating a response, let’s focus on Azealia’s argument.

Does she really believe her own BS about why Beyonce chose Nicki for the "Flawless" remix?

The decision had nothing to do with street cred, and everything to do with the fact that Nicki is killing the game on every level, while Azealia is still hoping someone remembers the time she almost had a hit with "212."

For you non-hip hop fans, that’s a moderately successful track that came out in 2011 when it looked like Azealia might still have a future in the industry. How times have changed.