Kim Kardashian Catches Kanye Texting Ex, Goes Ballistic with Cheating Accusations!

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Looks like Kim Kardashian has more to worry about than just her pregnancy weight gain. Supposedly, she caught Kanye West texting with an ex.

One he was "madly in love with" no less! Scandal!

Pregnant Kim Kardashian So Betrayed

The woman blowing up Yeezy's phone was reportedly a former flame of his, a woman he was “madly in love with” before he got famous.

This week’s edition of In Touch (what a great magazine) reveals that all hell broke loose in the Kardashian-West house when Kim found out.

Of course, it also proclaims on the cover that the A-list couple has already split up, but that does not appear to be the case ... at least not yet.

Anyway, an insider dished of the Kimye drama: “He insisted that his ex had simply asked for help on a project that she was working on."

Kim, however, "said the messages were flirtatious. It hurt Kim that he kept it a secret from her, which made her even more suspicious.”

So what did she do, according to this likely fabricated (but nonetheless hilarious to visualize) report from the venerable gossip publication?

Dial up Kanye’s ex and curse her out! Obviously!

Kim’s threats to step the f--k off only emboldened the woman, though, and did not impress 'Ye either. The source says he is "livid" now.

It's Kanye, of course, so ... must be Thursday?

"He thinks that Kim blew [this] out of proportion," the insider adds, "by accusing him of cheating when it was just an innocent text.”

On top of Kim’s insecurities, the magazine's conveniently nameless sources say she was not a fan of Kanye West's VMA speech.

Kim never drinks or does drugs, and was upset to learn that her husband was high, having smoked a lil' something to “take the edge off.”

That last component begs dueling responses:

  1. Maybe West needed to mellow out because of the drama at home, not merely because of his obligatory MTV-addled rage;
  2. Imagine this speech with the edge "on" ...

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