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At this point, Azealia Banks is more famous for her Twitter feuds than for her music, but until now, the rapper has limited herself to conflicts with other human beings.

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Banks’ beefs are too numerous to list here, but if you’re unfamiliar with her Kanye-esque ability to find things to get upset about, we recommend checking out Azealia’s recent feud with Nicki Minaj

Or you can check out the time she called Iggy Azalea "Satan in the form of mayonnaise." In fact, Banks even beefed with Kanye, possibly in an attempt to prove that the student has become the master.

Anyway, the 24-year-old one-kinda-hit wonder took her game to a new level over the weekend by slamming the entire continent of Australia after Aussie radio host Paul Brown had the gall to congratulate Azealia on her first concert Down Under.

"You guys are terrible crowds to play for," Banks tweeted in response to Brown’s kind words. "You’re violent and belligerent and I simply will not put my safety at risk. 

"Plus you guys are too far away and honestly, the show guarantees are never worth the trip."

Yeah, take that, Australia! Where do you get off being so far away?

We suppose it’s impressive that Banks picked a fight with an entire continent, but we’re worried that it might be too much too soon.

Where does she go from here, ya know? She basically has no choice but to wait until we discover intelligent life on another planet so that she can go off on those bald, grey-ass fools.