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For a while there, it seemed that the former nanny who banged Ben Affleck was everywhere you looked.

There were rumors that Christine Ouzounian would be the next Bachelorette. Then there was talk of Ouzounian writing a tell-all memoir.

She was on the cover of every tabloid, and sources claimed she was fielding interview offers from major media outlets.

Christine Ouzounian Image

But now, just as suddenly as she arrived on the scene, she’s gone, baby, gone (Ben must have the record for most movies with the word "gone" in the title).

Lainey Gossip is reporting that Christine hasn’t been seen in public in two weeks. And based on the sudden change in his demeanor, we’re guessing Ben is totally okay with that:

Yes, that’s the same grumpy Ben that looked like he was about to keel over from too much butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a few weeks ago. 

Obviously, Ben is being sarcastic when he tells the paps that it’s nice to see them creepily staked out in a parking garage, but he actually at them and engages.

We’ll save the discussion of whether or not that mumble is actually a drunk slur for another time…

The important this is that for the time being at least, Christine is gone. Did she get tired of trying to extend her 15 minutes? Did Ben and Jen cut her a check to go away? Hopefully, we’ll never have to find out!