Jenelle Evans-Nathan Griffith Custody Battle Heats Up!

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Now that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have broken up for the 47th (and hopefully final) time, both halves of the trainwreck couple are planning separate futures.

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Jenelle is already dating online (with super racy profile pics, of course) and it seems she's looking forward to settling down somewhere with the child she still has custody of and whatever random loser she meets on Tinder.

Unfortunately, that somewhere might be far from her current home in Myrtle Beach, which could create problems with Griffith.

Radar Online reports that Jenelle is planning to leave South Carolina, both to start a new life and to stick it to her mom and Nathan.

 “Jenelle is trying to move to Wilmington, N.C.” says one insider. “She wants to move to make a fresh start “Kaiser would move with Jenelle and Nathan knows that...They haven’t spoken about it yet. She needs to move first.”

Sources say Griffith is already taking legal steps to prevent Jenelle from relocating, but because Wilmington is just 90 minutes away, and Jenelle has a long history of trouble in Myrtle Beach, it's unlikely that any judge will find in his favor.

As for her first son, Jace, Jenelle has reportedly given up on ever winning custody back from her mother. 

So we guess it makes sense that she would be eager to skip town with half of her children while she still can. This is the life of Jenelle Evans, ladies and gentlemen.

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