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As a human being with functioning eyes and or ears, you’re probably already aware that Miley Cyrus hosted the VMAs last night, and she was every bit as outrageous and divisive as we had hoped.

As expected, some hated on Miley, while others loved every minute of her manic pixie show.

But regardless of your own feelings on last night’s spectacle, you’ve got to admit that it’s impressive that the girl still had energy left to stir up more drama this morning.

Miley Cyrus VMA Fashion

Miley criticized Taylor Swift’s "Bad Blood" video earlier this month, and now she’s at it again in a newly-released portion of her recent interview with The New York Times:

“I’m not trying to be in the squad,” Miley said when asked about Taylor. “None of my friends are famous and not because of any other reason than I just like real people who are living real lives, because I’m inspired by them.”

A subtle shot, but a shot nonetheless. 

Miley went on to describe Taylor’s crew as a collective of "musicians, actresses, models, entrepreneurs," before reiterating that she prefers the company of "real" people.

This is an excerpt from the same interview in which Miley dissed Nicki Minaj, thus setting the stage for last night’s VMAs showdown.

To recap: in the past 24 hours, Miley Cyrus has hosted the VMAs, released a surprise album, and perpetuated feuds with two of the biggest names in music.

She can’t stop; she won’t stop.