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Taylor Swift may have written "Bad Blood" about Katy Perry, but it’s another smash hot solo artist who is taking issue with the single.

Or at least the music video for the single.

Miley Cyrus Marie Claire Photo
Taylor Swift Single Artwork

In a cover story for the September issue of Marie Claire, Miley Cyrus calls out her fellow artist – as well as society in general – wondering why Swift gets a free pass and she faces so much criticism.

Referring to the Bad Blood video, which features many female celebrities taking violent action while dressed for battle, Cyrus noted:

"I don’t get the violence revenge thing. That’s supposed to be a good example?"

Miley, well aware of her own reputation, then added:

"And I’m a bad role model because I’m running around with my t-tties out? I’m not sure how t-tties are worse than guns."

It’s a pretty good point, isn’t it?

The Parents Television Council recently referred as "profane" and as a bad role model for children.

Think that group would say the same if Swift were hosting the MTV Video Music Awards?

But Cyrus makes a point of saying her beef really is more with the country’s double standard than with Taylor.

"There is so much sexism, ageism, you name it," she added. "Kendrick Lamar sings about LSD and he’s cool. I do it and I’m a druggie whore."