John Cena Gives Jon Stewart "Attitude Adjustment" on Monday Night Raw

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Jon Stewart had a lot of explaining to do on Monday Night Raw this week.

Following the stunning SummerSlam result in which Stewart slammed John Cena with a chair, enabling Seth Rollings to retain the Heavyweight Title and win the U.S. Title, fans had one question for the former Daily Show host yesterday:


This is why, Stewart told a captive audience:

Because, with a victory, Cena would have tied Ric Flair as a 16-time world champion and Stewart did not believe Cena was in The Nature Boy's legendary class.

He would not allow such an accomplishment to take place on his "watch."

Okay, Cena basically replied, you did what you had to do. Now this is what I have to do.

And, with that, Cena gave Stewart his finishing move, The Attitude Adjustment, leaving the comedian writhing in pain on the mat.

Check out the awesome confrontation above and compare Stewart below to past celebrities who have become a part of the WWE universe.

Is there even a comparison?!?

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