Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Violated Child Labor Laws?!

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During the production of 19 Kids and Counting, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children worked day in and day out to film the family’s TLC reality show.

Many of the children were very young during filming. Some of the 19 Duggar kids were even just little babies for a time.

With that in mind, some critics are questioning if the Duggars violated child labor laws while filming their reality show.

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According to Arkansas law, children under 14 are not permitted to work. So did the conservative family break the law by filming their program?

Denise P. Oxley of the Arkansas Department of Labor opened up to Radar Online about the potential violation, saying:

“Our office never issued a work permit for any of the children on this show."

However, she did explain that they did not necessarily break the law:

“Just because children were being filmed as part of a reality show, does not mean that they were employees within the meaning of Arkansas’ child labor laws and were required to have such a permit."

“During the time the show was in production in Arkansas, our office received no complaint upon which an investigation could be based.”

An investigation is especially unlikely now, of course, since the show has been canceled in the wake of Josh Duggar's sex crimes.

It was brought to light this year that Josh Duggar had molested five minor girls, including at least two of his sisters. Though by the time Josh publicly confessed, it was past the statute of limitations.

So whether it is sex crimes or child labor, when the Duggars do something questionable or illegal, no one says anything until it's too late.

Since the show's cancelation, the family looks to be strapped for cash. The Duggars asked fans for donations via their YouTube channel.

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