Ben Affleck: Cutting Off All Communication With Christine Ouzounian?!

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Ever since the world learned that Christine Ouzounian and Ben Affleck might be dating, there have been rumors about Ben financing the 28-year-old nanny's lavish lifestyle.

After all, Christine is currently out of work, yet she's living in a $1,500-a-night suite at the Hotel Bel Air. Earlier this week, Ouzounian posted a photo of her new Lexus on Instagram.

Christine Ouzounian's New Car

She seems to have an awful lot of cash for someone who was allegedly fired by Jennifer Garner after word of the affair leaked.

The strange part is that reps for Affleck swear he hasn't given her a dime since she stopped working for him.

In fact, they're telling TMZ that Ben has had zero contact with Christine in the weeks since Jen gave her the axe.

This, of course, begs the question: who's financing Christine's life of luxury?

It had been widely assumed that Ben was putting Christine up at the hotel in order to keep her protected from the press and the paparazzi.

Gifts like the Lexus were thought to be either tokens of affection or bribes intended to keep her from spilling the beans.

Clearly, someone is paying for Christine to live like a movie star on an ex-nanny's salary. 

Could it be a media outlet that's trying to figure out a way around the gag order that Ouzounian signed before she began working for the Afflecks?

If so, things might soon be getting much more interesting. 

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