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Jill Connors may be Married to Medicine on Bravo.

But she’s now Battling with the Law in real life.

Jill Connors

As confirmed by TMZ, the reality star and husband John Connors were at home on August 13 when the latter noticed some text messages from another man on his wife’s phone.

John confronted Jill. He threatened to take away the kids if she were cheating. And that’s when she lost it.

According to John, Jill hit him in the face with a spoon and then with her fists. She also tore off his shirt and scratched his chest.

From there, John alleges that Jill actually cut HERSELF with a kitchen knife while screaming that John was the one doing it.

John called 911 and Jill admitted to hitting her husband and starting their fight once the authorities arrived. But she stuck to the story that John was the one to cut her with the knife.

The cops did not believe Jill, however, arresting her for domestic violence and also for cruelty to children because this outburst took place in front of her kids. Damn.

Jill filed for divorce on August 19.