Jessica Simpson Sued; How Much Was Her Company Really Worth?

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It’s been a rough year for Jessica Simpson.  After heavily drinking and abusing Adderall, Jessica’s brother demanded she check into rehab.

In April, things were looking up when Jessica sold part of her fashion line.  The line raked in a shocking $1 billion in sales every year since 2005.

Jessica Simpson at Teen Vogue

But things are headed back into the sh*tter now that Jessica Simpson is being sued.

Joe Simpson, Jessica’s dad, neglected to pay a guy an enormous finder’s fee when she sold the majority stake of her fashion company.

Jeffrey Bowler claims he came to an agreement with Joe for a 10% finder’s fee if Bowler could find a buyer for Jessica’s collection. According to Bowler, the deal was made nearly 10 years ago over the phone.  It was never solidified in writing.

In April 2015, when Jessica sold her stake of the business, Bowler was supposed to get a cut.  He insists he found the buyer, arranged the meeting, and helped seal the deal.

Bowler argues in the lawsuit that Jessica, Joe, Tina, and Ashlee stiffed him out of $12 million in commission.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Finder’s fees.  Lawsuits.  Interesting.

What might spark a new conversation about Jessica’s clothing line is that Bowler says the majority stake sold for $120 million.  But reports claim The Jessica Simpson Collection is a billion dollar business.

If that were true, the majority stake would have gone for way more than $120,000,000.  So somebody is lying!!

A representative for Jessica says the star "has never met Mr. Bowler nor has she ever had any dealings with him whatsoever.”

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