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Last time Christina Aguilera showed off her curves, she sparked butt implant rumors that are still circulating months later.

This time, X-Tina is getting even more intimate, with a topless selfie that has fans speculating about plastic surgery all over again.

The Hollywood Gossip

Aguilera shared the above photo last night, along with a caption reading, “Just so you know with me, it’s all real, all the time. Felt like it was time to start sharing some personal stuff with you guys… And it’s just the beginning. Night night.”

Well, it’s definitely personal. However, some people are questioning that “all real, all the time” part.

No one’s doubting that Christina’s post-baby body is insane (She gave birth to her second child less than a year ago.), but it seems like she’s somehow done the impossible and ditched the extra padding while retaining the pregnancy boobs.

Christina has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors in the past, but some fans believe this time she’s slyly acknowledging that she’s had work done with her caption.

Kind of a “the boobs might be fake, but I’m still real” sort of statement.

Of course, it’s also possible that we’re all over-thinking this, and we should just enjoy the sight of a naked Christina Aguilera.