Fear the Walking Dead Pilot: Are You Hungry for More?

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So... did it live up to the hype?

AMC aired Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 on Sunday night, following months of hype and many folks wondering how it would compare to the original. 

Unlike The Walking Dead, the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead was set at the very opening of the zombie outbreak.

We immediately met Madison Clark, a high school guidance counselor, and her boyfriend, an English teacher named Travis Manawa.

The couple seemed nice and normal, but Madison’s daughter (Alicia) and Travis’ son (Chris) were beyond bitter than the families had been brought together. There’s also Madison’s 18-year old son, Nick. He’s hooked on heroin.

The latter was hit by a car while high, sending Travis to the hospital to be with him, while Maddie went to work and defended a student named Tobias who brought a knife to school. Why?

Because he believed the illness outbreak (in five states and counting) was the start of the Apocalypse.

At the hospital, Nick told Travis that he also believed something really bad was afoot. He claimed to have seen a fellow junkie actually eat some dudes.

Yearning to prove that Nick had simply been hallucinating, Travis broke into the church where this incident supposedly took place and found enough quite a bit of blood there.

With his step-father gone, and eager to find evidence himself that he isn't crazy, Nick broke out of the hospital.

Maddie went off in search of her son, Travis by her side. They had no luck and came across a police road block on their way home. The next day, they learned that the gun fire they heard near there was a standoff between authorities… and a zombie.

This prompted considerable fear across the board, with Alicia concerned about the date who stood her up and Maddie about Nick.

She called the police about the latter, while also of Los Angeles wondered why and how someone got shot for not staying dead.

We then cut to Nick, who met up with his dealer (who happened to be Alicia’s date, Calvin). A struggle ensued. Calvin’s gun went off, shooting its owner.

By the time Maddie and Travis arrived on the scene, however, the body had… moved? And now it was moving?!? And also biting?!?!?

Nick ran over the body with Travis' car, but it kept coming after them!

And... cut to black! There you have it!

What did everyone think of the premiere? Are you hungry for more?

Go watch Fear the Walking Dead online via TV Fanatic and sound off below.

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