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Rob Kardashian is at it again with his bizarre Instagram antics, although this time he’s not slamming his sisters … rather those who hate on them.

Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner on a Boat

Reports of Kris Jenner and the Kardashian family pushing Rob over the edge have been running rampant this year as he remains largely reclusive.

He’s threatened to sue Kris Jenner, infamously compared Kim to the “psycho bitch” from Gone Girl and recently shunned Kylie Jenner’s birthday.

While instead paying tribute to Paul Newman, obviously.

We recently reported that Rob made peace with Kim, but his mental health woes, anxiety, depression and other issues remain causes for concern.

Even if he’s back in his sisters’ good graces, and vice versa, his whereabouts are shrouded a mystery and his stability questionable at best.

Case in point? A swimsuit photo of Khloe and Kendall Jenner on Instagram, posted by the former, who was prominently rocking a Compton hat.

A hater trolling Khloe’s account commented, “How many times have you been to Compton,” implying (harmlessly) she has no business wearing it.

Enter Rob Kardashian, getting his sister’s back:

“About as many times as I f–ked your momma. So about 8 times,” he wrote, adding for classic measure, “man she gave up that pu–y quick THO.”

Yeah. Dude is kind of a loose cannon … at best.

Again, we know defending Khloe is worlds apart from likening Kim to a sociopath and murderer, but it’s no surprise Kris Jenner is in a panic.

Too bad he’s 28, otherwise she’d likely try to cut him off from the family fortune, or put parental blocks on his phone to keep him off social media.

Who are we kidding, she probably has tried.