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Even though Dan Bilzerian is running for president these days (His campaign started out as a joke, but we’re pretty sure Trump’s did, too.), he still finds time for his number one passion: making sexy-time with a never-ending parade of anonymous young women.

You might think that it would be impossible to indulge in as many one-night stands as Bilzerian does without contracting some sort of STD, and according to a commenter on notorious gossip site The Dirty, you would be right:

Dan Bilzerian and Lisa Thomson

Bilzerian is pissed that the site (owned by occasional reality star and husband of Shayne Lamas, Nik Richie) posted the following comment from an unidentified reader:

“I ended up getting super drunk and sleeping with Dan. I got tested two weeks later and lucky me I found out he gave me chlamydia.”

Bilzerian and Richie have been feuding for months, and they’ve even talked about squaring off for a charity fight. (Nik wants a boxing match; Dan wants MMA.)

Now, Bilzerian has fired the latest shot in their ongoing online war by filing a lawsuit against Richie for his failure to delete the comment.

Other celebs have filed similar suits against Richie and lost, but Bilzerian says things are different this time, as the site intentionally damaged his reputation by posting his picture next to the comment.

So it’s unlikely that Dan will be awarded any money, but he better hope he can at least clear his name.

Nothing messes up a totally serious presidential campaign like everyone finding out you have chlamydia. Hence why the Donald hasn’t been tested since 1989. We kid! Don’t sue!