Dan Bilzerian Drops INSANE Amount of Cash on Booze, Personal Fireworks For Upcoming Music Fest

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With all the hubbub about Donald Trump, you may have forgotten about the other rich crazy person who wants to turn the White House into his personal party palace.

Yes, Dan Bilzerian is running for president. Unlike Trump, however, he has no expectation of actually getting elected, and his "campaign" is really just an excuse to travel the country on a non-stop party tour.

The next stop? New York City's Randall's Island for the famous Electric Zoo Festival.

The three-day fest will be attended by more than 20,000 people, but if you thought for a second that Bilzerian will be guzzling $8 bottles of water and waiting in line for filthy port-a-potties, then you don't know Blitz:

Dan Bilzerian Photo

Sources connected to the festival revealed today that Bilzerian dropped over $650,000 for the ultimate VIP experience.

Most of the cash is for booze with about $500,000 in bottles lined up for Dan and his friends.

Some of the dough, however, is for a personal fireworks controller that will allow Bilzerian to launch his own pyrotechnic display whenever he's feeling moved by the music. 

It's unclear exactly how much the Instagram playboy/professional poker player is actually worth, but many took it as a sign of financial trouble when Bilzerian sold his Lamborghini to Jersey Shore star Pauly D back in March.

We think it's safe to say that if Bilzerian was struggling, he's recovered nicely in the months since.

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