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We’ve reached the point where it looks as though there was definitely some sort of sexual relationship between Ben Affleck and Christine Ouzounian at some point.

Christine Ouzounian Image

The only questions that remain are:

  1. Was Affleck already separated from Jennifer Garner when the affair began? and,
  2. Are Ben and Christine still hooking up?

Based on the latest intel, the answer to the latter question seems to be a resounding “yes.”

Sources say Ouzounian and Affleck are in touch every day.

She’s currently living at the Hotel Bel Air, and insiders say that it’s all on Ben’s dime. They claim he’s even bought her a second phone just so the two of them can maintain constant contact.

Sounds serious. Of course, Ben could be head-over-heels, or he could just be doing his best to keep Christine from talking to the press.

“Ben’s leading her on so that she stays quiet,” a source tells In Touch.  “He knows he needs to keep her happy or the whole thing could turn ugly really fast. She doesn’t feel burned by Ben — not yet, anyway.” 

Affleck is reportedly concerned that if Ouzounian does start to feel “burned,” she’ll make good on her threat to sue Garner.

“Christine is considering suing Jennifer Garner for wrongful termination,” the insider claims. “If Ben dumps her, she will sue.” 

Sounds like Christine is making some serious power plays. This situation is likely to get uglier before it gets better.