Christine Ouzounian and Ben Affleck: In Touch Everyday… All Day?!?

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While celebrity gossip fans continue to wonder about whether or not Ben Affleck ever touched former nanny Christine Ouzounian in certain places, a new report claims the pair remain in touch.


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The latest issue of People Magazine (a mostly reputable source) brings up these "cheating allegations" and quotes an insider who says Jennifer Garner is "very angry".

If Affleck did, indeed, pork the woman charged with caring for the couple's three kids, Garner considers this act to be the "ultimate betrayal."

Talk of Affleck having an affair with his family's nanny first surfaced a couple weeks after what most considered to be an amicable divorce.

A rep for Affleck has labeled the rumor as complete garbage, but consider the latest:

People now claims Ouzounian is holed up at the Beverly Hills Hotel... on Affleck's dime!

“Ben is taking care of Christine's expenses at the hotel,” a source tells the publication, adding that Ouzounian was first seen at the establishment on June 29 and was photographed again there this weekend on multiple occasions.

"Christine is enjoying her hotel stay," an onlooker says. "She acts like she is on vacation. She has been spotted by the pool several times, the spa and Wolfgang Puck's restaurant.

"She seems relaxed and happy. She hangs out with girlfriends, reads magazines and is on her phone a lot."

And just who might she be talking to?

A friend of Ouzouzian claims that the ex-nanny and the actor "are in touch every day, all day long. He got them phones just for each other."

Wow. That's some The Wire-level stuff right there if true.

Various outlets have written that Ouzounian is in love with Affleck and has been telling friends this romance is real.

Photos of the two hanging out together this summer have also hit the Internet.

It's getting harder and harder to believe there isn't some truth to this story, but it's also important to remember that Affleck and Garner were separated for nearly a year prior to filing for divorce.

This story may not be as sordid as some want it to be.

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