Christine Ouzounian: PREGNANT With Ben Affleck's Baby?!?!

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Over the past week, we've become very well acquainted with a 28-year-old former nanny named Christine Ouzounian.

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First, it was rumored that Ouzounian and Ben Affleck were dating, and that she was the cause of Ben's split from Jennifer Garner.

Then, sources claimed that the relationship began after Affleck and Garner separated, and Ben dumped Christine shortly after he filed for divorce.

Now, we're learning that Affleck and Ouzounian are in constant contact with one another, but no one is quite sure why.

Is Affleck still smitten with the naughty nanny? Is he simply making sure that she doesn't talk to the press? Or is there a much more urgent matter on his mind?

"Ben is petrified she might be pregnant," a source tells Star magazine. "He’s sweating beyond belief right now, wishing he’d never gotten involved with her in the first place."

Another supposed insider adds, “It’s clear that Christine is an opportunist -- [but] whether she got knocked up remains unclear.”

Affleck's reps have already issued a statement dismissing the pregnancy rumors as "not true," and Star doesn't exactly have the greatest reputation when it comes to accurate reporting and journalistic ethics.

Still, a pregnancy would explain why Ben is currently footing the bill for Christine's four-figure a night room at the Hotel Bel Air. Just sayin'.

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