Miranda Lambert Cheating on Blake Shelton with FIVE Men Including Josh Beckett: Report

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The ink is already dry on the divorce papers of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, but the scandal keeps getting nastier and nastier.

A new report - clearly from a person or multiple card carrying members of Team Blake - suggests that she cheated on him. A LOT.

Miranda Lambert Cheating?

Blake has a history cheating, or at least flirting and allegations of cheating, but Star claims Miranda is far from the innocent victim.

Yes, Blake is the one who filed to split, whose alleged mistress Cady Groves is hollering at him, and who literally threw Miranda out.

But sources claim the romance was basically built on a foundation of lies from the beginning ... when he was married to his first wife.

Blake's then-wife was supposedly unaware or unconcerned that he was cheating ... because she was cheating with another man!

Fast forward to his second marriage and Star says Miranda cheated on Blake with his best friend, Jamey Johnson, and MLB star Josh Beckett.

"Josh was dating his childhood sweetheart Holly when he first got involved with Miranda," says the alleged insider of Lambert.

"Holly may have known but she married him anyway."

"Even when his new wife got pregnant, Josh still pined for Miranda and pressured her to dump Blake for him," the source goes on.

"The truth is Josh was Miranda’s other real love.”

Miranda supposedly then began acting all paranoid and began accusing Blake of cheating on her with multiple women himself.

Shelton then hired a private investigator who learned that Miranda was two-timing her man with one of her employees on tour.

“Blake flew to one of her shows to confront them and he caught her hugging the other man," the source tells the magazine.

"They were forced to admit everything."

"It was obvious what was going on. Blake filed for divorce, as far as he is concerned this whole marriage was a mistake."

"He is heartbroken and he's furious."

At least he's still boozing, bitch.

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